SHOW: Monday, November 6, 2017

3 10 2017

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• COMO AGUA PARA CHOCOLATE (LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE) directed by Alfonso Arau (1992, Rated R, 105 minutes)

Based on the best-selling novel by Laura Esquival, this internationally popular romantic fable from Mexico centers on a young woman who discovers that her cooking has magical effects. “Food and passion create a sublime alchemy in LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE,” wrote The New York Times, “A Mexican film whose characters experience life so intensely that they sometimes literally smolder. The kitchen becomes a source of such witchcraft that a fervently prepared meal can fill diners with lust or grief or nausea, depending upon the cook’s prevailing mood.”

The title is derived from a Mexican method of making hot chocolate by boiling and re-boiling water with cocoa. The tale’s heroine, Tita, is the youngest of three daughters in a traditional Mexican family who falls in love with the young, handsome Pedro. But bound by tradition to remain unmarried, she suffers through heartbreak as Pedro marries her older sister, and the two embark on a secret, and blazing, affair.