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3 07 2015

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2015 Summer Series:



ALL IS LOST (2013, 115 minutes, Rated PG-13) – J.C. Chandor’s epic tale of survival had its North American premiere at the 2013 Telluride Film Festival.  Deep in the Indian Ocean (“1700 nautical miles from the Sumatra Straits”), a man (Robert Redford) says, “I’m sorry. I know that means little at this point, but I am. I tried. I think you would all agree that I tried. To be true, to be strong, to be kind, to love, to be right, but I wasn’t.” He declares, “All is lost.”  Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian called the film, “a bold, gripping thriller,” while The Independent’s Geoffrey McNab said the film was “utterly compelling viewing.” Alan Scherstuhl of The Village Voice wrote that the film is “a genuine nail-biter, scrupulously made and fully involving, elemental in its simplicity.” After the world premiere screening at the Cannes Film Festival, Redford received a standing ovation.

SHOW starts at 6pm (5:30 for pre-SHOW reception) and is FREE TO ALL.

SHOW: Thursday, July 16, 2015

2 07 2015

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The Wolfpack (2015)
Directed by Crystal Moselle
Thursday, July 16
One SHOW only, 6:15PM at the Nugget Theater
Tickets $10

“What if your parents kept you and your six siblings locked up in a public housing project in Manhattan and all you knew of the world came from Hollywood movies? That’s a loaded question — and filmmaker Crystal Moselle runs with it in this gripping documentary.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“Locked away from society in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Angulo brothers learn about the outside world through the films that they watch. Nicknamed the Wolfpack, the brothers spend their childhood re-enacting their favorite films using elaborate homemade props and costumes. With no friends and living on welfare, they feed their curiosity, creativity, and imagination with film, which allows them to escape from their feelings of isolation and loneliness. Everything changes when one of the brothers escapes, and the power dynamics in the house are transformed. The Wolfpack must learn how to integrate into society without disbanding the brotherhood.” – Magnolia Pictures

“More than a testament to the power of cinematic storytelling as food for the human spirit, ‘The Wolfpack’ also is a portrait of a family that has had to rely on each other to survive.” – Michael O’Sullivan, Washington Post

80 minutes • Rated R • No Nugget Passes, please.

SHOW: Sunday, September 27, 2015

1 06 2015



New Season starts September 27, 2015.

Check back this fall for all the details.


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