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6 03 2018

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taste of tea


• THE TASTE OF TEA/CHA NO AJI (Ishii, 2004, Unrated, 143 minutes) ~ Selection for the Cannes Film Festival and referred to as the “surreal” version of Ingmar Bergman’s FANNY AND ALEXANDER (1982).

Director Katsuhito Ishii examines the eccentric Haruno family residing in a quiet countryside village just north of Tokyo. The tranquil clan of five is transformed when visiting uncle Ayano (Tadanobu Asano), a successful movie producer, arrives to town. As the summer progresses, each member of the family is revealed in a series of episodic vignettes – from offbeat grandfather, Akira (Tatsuya Gashuin), to artistic mother, Yoshiko (Satomi Tezuka), to hypno-therapist father, Nobou (Tomokazu Miura), who practices his trade on his family, to the children who are navigating their paths to young adulthood.

“Quirky with a capital Q,” wrote the San Francisco Chronicle. “The most charming comedy in town,” wrote the Chicago Tribune, “Writer-director-editor Katsuhito Ishii’s 2003 piece is a modern Japanese variation on (Frank Capra’s 1938 Academy Award-winning) YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU, with some lovely fantastical flourishes.”



5 03 2018

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