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5 12 2017

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• ALAMAR (TO THE SEA) directed by Pedro González-Rubio (2009, Rated G, 73 minutes)

“A luminous semi-documentary film that plays on the border of reality and fiction,” wrote The New York Times, “Natan Machado Palombini, a young boy, goes on an enchanted expedition with his father to the Banco Chinchorro, the largest coral reef in Mexico. The bonding of the son and his father, Jorge Machado, a lean, mustachioed Mexican fisherman who will return Natan to his Italian mother at the end of the trip, portrays a tender, ritualistic passing of knowledge, experience and love from one generation to the next.”

Natan lives with his mother in Italy for most of the year, but spends time with his father each summer in an elevated cottage near the shore where he participates in the family fishing operation with his dad. They fish by day and sit by the fire beneath the stars at night. A simple, idyllic life teaches the boy important lessons about the importance and beauty of living in harmony with the natural world around him.



4 12 2017

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