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10 12 2014

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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour
Thursday, December 18th
One SHOW only, 8:15PM at the Nugget Theater
Tickets $10

“This is what cinema was invented for.” – David Thomson, New Republic

This Iranian vampire cinematic masterpiece, and first feature from director Ana Lily Amirpour, is being hailed as one of the best films of the year and follows the shadowy, black-and-white hued story of a vampire known only as “The Girl” (played beautifully by Sheila Vand).

“The shadows are so pitch-black that she is able to stalk the streets in her full chador practically undetected. She hides almost completely in the liquidy black, revealing herself to her victims from across the wide expanse of vacant lots or abandoned parks. At one point, she skateboards down the middle of an empty dark street, her chador flowing behind her like gigantic black bat wings,” wrote, “Amirpour lets all the images do all of the work for her, a huge strength of the film… a film about film, a fresh and exciting re-imagining of a well-work oft-told genre.”

“Ana Lily Amirpour’s moody, extraordinary take on previously tired horror tropes is unlike anything you’ve had the pleasure of previously checking out… this spooky, gorgeous mash-up doubles as the introduction to a major filmmaking talent.” – Rolling Stone

99 minutes • Unrated • Farsi with English Subtitles • No Nugget Passes, please.

SHOW: Monday, January 5, 2015

8 12 2014

TFF Cinematheque


THE CASTLE (Australia, 1997, 85 minutes, Rated R) – Rob Stitch’s breakout film is about Darryl Kerrigan (Michael Caton), a working-class tow-truck driver and father of four. He is extremely devoted to his family, and his pride and joy is his home – his castle. When the government demands that Kerrigan sell his house for an airport expansion, he battles them all the way up to the Supreme Court. “Rob Sitch’s tale of blue-collar heroes with hearts of gold became one of Australia’s most widely quoted comedies and catapulted Darryl Kerrigan straight into the pool room of cinematic legends,” wrote The Guardian, “Beyond gags about pools tables, behavioral patterns and material possessions, The Castle reminds us of the value of small gestures, assuming the best in people, picking your fights and being fiercely loyal to those you love.”

SHOW starts at 6pm (5:30 for pre-SHOW reception) and is FREE TO ALL.

SHOW: Sunday, January 18, 2015

7 12 2014



• FANTASIA (1940, 125 miinutes, Rated G) Disney’s groundbreaking masterpiece restored for the film’s 50th anniversary rerelease. “The colors are richer and more delicate than before,” wrote Entertainment Weekly, “The restoration took two years and included a frame-by-frame hand polish of the original nitrate negative, with a razor blade used to scrape off particles of dirt.”

“Fantasia is simply terrific — as terrific as anything that has ever happened on a screen.” – New York Times

“The words most used to describe ‘Fantasia,’ besides the conventional ‘beautiful’ and ‘wonderful’ were ‘path-breaking’ and ‘courageous.’ The phrase ‘courageous beyond belief’ would be even more accurate.” – Los Angeles Times.

SHOW starts at 4pm at the Michael D. Palm Theatre for the Performing Arts and is FREE TO ALL.


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