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17 10 2014



THE MUPPET MOVIE (1979, Rated G, 95 minutes) “Jolson sang, Barrymore spoke, Garbo laughed, and now Kermit the Frog rides a bicycle. ‘The Muppet Movie’ not only stars the Muppets but, for the first time, shows us their feet. And if you can figure out how they were able to show Kermit pedaling across the screen, then you are less a romantic than I am: I prefer to believe he did it himself. He’s pedaling on his way to Hollywood, and ‘The Muppet Movie’ itself is one of those origin stories so beloved by comic books. We’ve learned how Spiderman came into his extraordinary powers, and now here are the earliest days of the Muppets.” –

SHOW starts at 4pm at the Michael D. Palm Theatre for the Performing Arts and is FREE TO ALL.

SHOW: Monday, November 3, 2014

16 10 2014

TFF Cinematheque

picnic at hanging rock[1]

PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK (Australia, 1975, 115 minutes, Rated PG) – Peter Weir’s haunting mystery takes place in 1900’s Australia at boarding school for girls. The girls set out on a Valentine’s Day Picnic to the countryside with their uptight headmistress (Rachel Roberts). During the outing, four of them are drawn to explore a mysterious rock formation nearby, and three never return. What really happened? “One of the most hauntingly beautiful mysteries ever created on film. – San Francisco Chronicle

SHOW starts at 6pm (5:30 for pre-SHOW reception) and is FREE TO ALL.

SHOW: Coming Soon

15 10 2014

TFF Presents b&w notes blank format

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